Commercial Property Insurance helps protect the building your business owns or leases as well as your business personal property, including tools and equipment, inventory, and furniture. A commercial property insurance policy includes coverage for assets like accounts receivable, computers and lost income for when business operations are suspended due to a covered loss. Businesses can tailor their coverage to include additional protection like valuable papers and records coverage that can help pay to reproduce important documents, provide temporary storage and move records to avoid a loss.

Business Equipment / Personal Property & Equipment Breakdown

Our commercial property insurance provides coverage for loss or damage to your business equipment (e.g., computers, printers, servers, office furniture). 


Tenant Improvements

With business property insurance, we cover improvements you’ve made to your office space that you can’t legally remove.


Coverage In and Away from the Office

You’re covered whether you stay put or are on the go. Your business equipment is insured when it's physically in your office. 


Accidental Damage

Not only do we provide insurance for equipment against risks like fire, we also cover losses due to their accidental damage.


No Deductions for Depreciation

Most property insurance for small businesses under this policy is valued at its replacement cost. There is no deduction for depreciation so you can replace damaged items for equipment of like kind and quality.

Lost Business Income and Extra Expense

Business equipment insurance will pay the actual income your business loses and extra expenses incurred you incur for up to 12 months if you cannot operate your business as a result of damage to your insured equipment. Employee payroll expenses maybe added to your coverage varying on type of business class or package offered.


Electronic data

Business property insurance coverage to replace or restore electronic data that is lost as a result of an insured loss. 


Interruption of Computer Operations

If you suffer an electronic data loss as above, coverage for the actual income your business loses and extra expenses incurred is available if you cannot operate your business as a result of that data loss.


Valuable Papers and Records

Our commercial property insurance will pay for loss or damage to your business’s valuable papers and records at your business premises if the incident occurs away from your office.


Forgery or Alteration

Losses that result from the forgery or alteration of a check or similar financial document. We may also defend you, at our expense, if you’re sued for failing to honor a financial document you believe was forged. You can increase this limit by purchasing the commercial crime insurance package upgrade.


Accounts Receivable

We’ll pay for lost receivables you cannot collect from your customers and extra collection expenses incurred as a result of damage to your records (e.g., invoices). 


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Business property equipment insurance does not cover:


The following describes some of the key things we don’t cover:


Earthquakes, floods and volcanoes

Business property insurance doesn’t cover you for losses caused by earthquakes, floods, or volcanoes.


Your commercial property insurance will not cover losses due to the failure of a power, communication or another utility service supplier.

Business owners policy claims examples:


Stolen property
A break-in results in stolen business property as well as theft of clients' property in your possession.  Small business property insurance policy will cover the loss, up to your applicable limits for that premises.


Equipment lost away from the office
You take the train to visit a client and your laptop is stolen on the way.  Coverage for business personal property away from office premises.


Business interruption
A fire in your office destroys your computer network and the equipment that you insured as business personal property. Now your business can’t operate for two weeks – but the lost income and extra expenses resulting from the loss are covered.


Insuring for full value
If you insure your property for less than 80% of its full replacement cost, you may not receive the full amount of your loss.

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